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March 2008
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Top Marks to Amazon Customer Support

Kindle owner John Federico recently had some trouble with his Kindle after it developed a crack on the bottom of the device, this is what he had to say about Amazon’s customer support;

I love my Kindle and I’m a big fan of Amazon – even more now after dealing with their Kindle Customer Support folks.

My Kindle developed a strange crack on the bottom of the unit where the ports and volume control are located. I called Amazon support to explain the situation and they immediately shipped a new Kindle (so I wouldn’t be without mine while they replaced it.)

When the new one arrived, the process for deactivating the original Kindle and activating the replacement was fast and flawless.

I packed up my original unit into the replacement’s box, slapped on the return shipping label that Amazon sent me and off it went, back to Kindle-land.

Nice job, guys.

Nice job indeed – it seems like the Amazon customer service guys did a great job in dealing with John’s problems, I am a bit surprised that they shipped out a replacement before requesting John’s Kindle back. However, this is a really good sign that Amazon are looking after their Kindle customers, which is impressive after you read about all the Amazon horror stories out there.

Source: brandbrains.net

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  • Amazon had my credit card on file, so it wasn’t that big a risk for them. If I didn’t return the replacement Kindle, they would have just hit my card for $499.


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