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Kindle Books from March 2009 to May 2010

Kindle Book Count 2009-2010It has been 14 months since I monitor Kindle book store size on a daily basis. I started it in April 2009. Back then Kindle software 2.0.2 was just released, Amazon was being sued by Discovery Communications and Amazon itself was sending DMCA takedown notes to MobileRead.com, Fujitsu FLEPia was expected to take eReader market by storm with it’s color eInk and first rumors about what would become 9.7″ Kindle DX surfaced. Kindle Book Store just broke 250,000 book margin back then…

Now there are 510,000+ books in Kindle Store and counting. I used to publish Kindle book numbers on a monthly basis but then I got lazy. It is time to fix this and publish all 14 months worth of data at once!

As you can see, the book count was increasing in more or less linear fashion. There may be some seasonality or irregularities to it. Hard to say since one year is clearly not enough to spot seasonal trends (if they exist in publishing industry).

Month Book Count
March, 2009 242,488
April, 2009 258,210
May, 2009 274,996
June , 2009 295,420
July, 2009 309,410
August, 2009 336,865
September, 2009 349,661
October, 2009 342,556
November, 2009 368,748
December, 2009 385,497
January, 2010 401,894
February, 2010 415,370
March, 2010 451,280
April, 2010 480,277
May, 2010 509,349

3 comments to Kindle Books from March 2009 to May 2010

  • It’s good to see the rising trend in e-book titles. I love my Kindle 2 and am hoping that the iPad doesn’t take over everything. It will interesting to see the number of books for Amazon Kindle and the number of books in the iPad iBooks store in the next few months. Maybe you could start posting comparisons of the two.

  • Charles

    Much more books than the competition! Nice

  • Charles

    Much more books than the competition! Nice

    At the end of the format wars (kindle/ibook/nook) if history repeats itself the one with the most varied content will win.

    It has happened many times BlueRay/HDDVD Betamax/VHS, Game Consoles, etc. Another factor in these format wars has been price, but since the stupid agency models all ebook stores have similar pricing, so it won’t matter.

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