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Did you pay $399 for your Kindle? then get you $40 back

40 dollars

You may be noticed that Amazon cut the price of the Kindle to $359 today, whilst $40 isn’t the big price cut many people people were hoping for, its still better than nothing. There is good news for you early adopters out there who paid the original $399, Amazon doesn’t mind giving you back the $40 extra you paid in the form of credit into your Amazon account.

Paul Robichaux, a Kindle owner wrote on his blog:

Excellent! Amazon dropped the price on the Amazon Kindle, which I’m still using quite a bit. (David has been trying to steal it to read that free Star Wars book I downloaded, too). The price is now $359, so I e-mailed them to ask for a price credit– which they promptly issued. That $40 will buy me at least four more books, O happy day.

You too can shoot Amazon customer support an e-mail asking for a price credit, just follow the link and then press the yellow contact us button on the right hand side. Good luck!

Let us know if you got your $40 back and what you purchased with it.

UPDATE: It appears that Amazon is only giving credit to the people who bought their Kindle on the 27th April onwards under their 30 day price drop policy, I apologise for any confusion.

Source: robichaux.net